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Significance of Research Statement in Research Writing

Thursday, Feb. 3rd 2011

There is indeed great significance of research statement in research writing. Basically, research statement writing in an essay or a research paper in considered to be the most difficult part for many college and university students.

Majority of the students do not have a clue as to what research statement is and how to write an adequate research statement. Neither do they know where the research statement should appear in the research paper.

Do not be afraid because I have given some very good guidelines and tips to writing research statements in your college research paper. I have also defined the significance of research statement in research writing.

Clarifying the fundamentals of research statement writing to the students is key to helping them understand the central concept behind research statement writing. So what goes in to writing a brilliant research statement? Remember research statement is the ultimate pillar of a successful research paper.

Research statements are basically statements which support the academic argument that is presented in an essay or research paper by the student. Academic research writing is what college writing is all about, your job is to persuade the reader of your research paper that you’re arguments are sound and that you have backed all your statements with proven facts and persuasive argument. Fail to do that and you will receive an ‘F’ in your paper.

The research statement should always appear in the beginning of your paragraphs. You must always provide research statements in the introduction of your research paper. Most students make a major mistake in writing the research statements in the end of their research paper.

A research statement is what supports your research paper, not what results from the paper. A research statement actually defines what role the writer is taking in his or her writing. A research statement normally comprises of one sentence. You don’t have to write entire paragraphs.

A research statement provides the basis for your entire research paper. The reason you must write a research statement at the beginning of the paper is because the rest of the paper will be used to support that statement.

So there you go, I have provided some very good hints and tips for you on how to write successful research statements, the rest is up to you, practice writing research statements in your essay and in no time you will figure out the significance of research statement in research writing

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